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Friday, August 26, 2016

Kyoryu Red Carnival /
T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger Figure (2015)

Daigo and Gabutyra's Carnival form is an infinitely rare example of a Red-only power-up done oh so right. If you're going to do it (which, you shouldn't, Toei/Saban/Bandai >:-O), this is the way to go. Here's an essay! Right, onto the toy itself: I don't deduct for unpainted Mobuckles, because the Sentai Hero figures lack that paint themselves. It's the teeth overhanging the arms and the yellow gauntlet detailing that's troubling. Not to a large degree, though. I could be upset about Mini-tyra*, but it's a BoA figure weapon, so I'm not surprised by it. Plus, Gabutyra is already represented here by the chest detailing, which is well in hand. The arms can't move straight upward, but that's a reality imposed by the suit design. The lack of bicep and thigh swivels hurt him, like every other ranger figure in the line, but for the price point it's still damn good.

I'm going to score this one higher than Ramirez/James and Tessai/Phillip because I'm impressed by the paint that IS present.

4 Bad-ass Ladies Ushering In A Sexy Shirt Ripping out of 5

*Mini-tyra's combined form with the Gaburevolver is the incentive to buy the third(?) Charged Up Action Pack. The one that includes this figure, Yayoi/Kendall, Plezu-Oh/Plesio Charge Megazord, Ramirez/James, Aigaron/Wrench, and Snide. This one.

Gaburevolver/Dino Charge Morpher not included.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Trilogies Collection

Who doesn't love a threesome? When it comes to film, there's something oddly satisfying about a trilogy. If the first one is lucky enough to be a success then a sequel can build upon it or tie up any threads that were left hanging. A third film can serve as a timely farewell. Or may in fact exist solely to milk cash from completists.

Because what's below the cut is alphabetical, to make life simpler for myself I'm not including the titles of individual films. Instead, I'll put the title by which they're known collectively, followed by links that'll take you to the relevant post on the relevant blog (opens in new window each time). It's a BIG list.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ultra Pro Screwdown Card Frames ()

These come in a few readily available configurations. I own singles, 1x3s, and this 2x3.

  • They wipe down quickly and easily, especially by hand.
  • Larger ones have tabs akin to carded merchandise for hanging purposes.
  • They come in some handy capacities for regular card collectors.
    • the 3x3 is directly akin to a standard card sheet!
    • singles are infinitely classy, especially as...
  • Single-height frames can balance on acrylic display easels, yet...
    • 2x3s and 3x3s CANNOT.
  • The screws can be a mite finicky, especially with larger, clear variants.
    • So long as you don't over-tighten them, you can easily back them out and line up the halves of the frame again.
  • The backs ARE open, but doubling up on cards will lead to damage.
    • The guide squares are only a single-card deep.
    • You can line them up but the screwing process invariably misaligns them, inviting disaster.
    • If you're okay with affixing cards back to back, as these are, go ahead.
  • They don't seem to offer 1x6s for Sentai/Power Rangers purposes.

4 Across? I Can Think of a Few Rider Uses for Those out of 5

Miniature and Large Acrylic Display Easels ()

These are pretty indispensable for collections of many different flavors. If you need something to stand up and it's small enough to not cause these to instantly fall over backwards, these are perfect. I've used them to hold a few 1:12 scale weapons and accessories, but most prominently, I use them in conjunction with Ultra Pro Screwdown card frames. There are some cautions I must make in regards to both, however. Depending on the quality of paint on the former, and the average temperature of your display space, items can become slightly stuck to these. I've never had paint come off of the one piece of mine that this occurs with, but it easily could in a hotter climate or on something bearing a lesser quality of paint/finish. In regards to the latter, single height frames work great. 1x3s are easily held with a single easel, but 1x4s may require two. I can't personally say. 2x3s and 3x3s, however, DO NOT work with these, even the larger variety.

You may be able to find these someplace that shares its name with the fourth Rider series of the Showa era~

3½ Vastly Under-appreciated MCU Movies out of 5

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Goseiger Gashapon Headder Series 1:
Visored Phoenix Headder (2010)

It can be seen attached to the Gosei Mic here.

It’s something that’s not focused upon often, but the Goseiger’s main Headders undergo a change when they’re summoned specifically to be attached to their Gosei Blasters or Microphones. The most consistent transformation entails the Headders’ visors sliding down over their eyes. Gosei Dragon’s mouth opens to a noticeable degree, but Phoenix is physically altered the most. Spiked protrusions raise up and the semi-circular design cues on the sides become more angular. 

The front of this gashapon release lacks black paint but the same is true for the regular DX version, on Gosei Great. The side detailing is absent, as well, and no stickers are provided. However, it does have that purple sheen I adore~ There are wheels on the bottom and if you turn them (they don't catch well on surfaces) they make the mouth open and close. The Visored Headders are more things that are absolutely not necessary, but it should be pretty clear at this point that I simply cannot say no to Goseiger.

Availability is discussed below the cut.

2 Plex/Bandai/Toei Executives With Bigger Boners For Eri Than Even I out of 5

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Go-Busters Gashapon Series 1: Yellow Buster (2012)

On a technical level, this particular vending machine rendition of Yoko is lacking. Part of my disappointment was admittedly the result of the ambient heat it was exposed to on its journey to the NegLiner. It was very gummy when I first laid hands upon it. It feels much more solid now, but it's still a mite soft for my tastes. Positioning the supporting block by twisting her foot is of utmost importance, as if it's not at exactly the right angle this will topple over readily, even if you set it down carefully. Her head is strangely on a swivel and comes apart in halves, even though it arrives already attached. It's entirely unnecessary, to be frank. I'd love to wax philosophical about this as Brother Roberts of Bardic Broadcasts does with his statues, but I've done that enough, here and elsewhere. Plus, this isn't a pose that evokes her emotional and narrative significance.

It's really just kinda sexy, innit?

Sometimes That IS Enough Reason 2 Buy Something out of 5

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Power Rangers Action Card Game Series #1-4 (2013)

Given that toku fans in the West don't have access to Dice-O machines, it was a serious boon (for those of us who like cards) that BoA saw fit to release the four waves of the Power Rangers Action Card Game. These not only reproduced some Dice-O cards, but also provided many Western exclusives! Best of all, some of them are straight up Gosei Cards!!! I'll list some notables below the cut, by wave, but I'll gladly mention the highlights for a Goseiger (and Shinkenger and Go-Onger) fan like myself:
  • I like the female molds, but the male Ultra Megaforce molds are a bit too bulky, for me.
  • Outside of sofubis and cell phone straps, Super female Shinkengers are hard to come by. I'm not sure a Super Kaoru exists, at all.
  • The above may be the ONLY physical piece of Hyper Go-On Red merchandise.
Basically, for forms that are hard or impossible to get physical representation of otherwise—or for ones that exist unsatisfactorily to one's personal tastes—these series are great. Also, if you're in the market for the most central Gosei Cards. There is a place online selling a lot of these cards individually, if you look hard enough. Otherwise, I imagine you can think of something~

These cards will not fit in the Tensouder.
Gosei Cards do fit in the US version, however, for delightfully random effects.

4 Locked Doors Blissfully Dissolved Out of Existence out of 5

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gosei Microphone (2010) YES!

Phoenix Headder not included.

You can accept that this isn’t technically a role-play toy (it’s a toy instrument and voice modulator) or you can consider me a hypocrite. Either way is cool with me =) I’ve always not-particularly-secretly wanted this dumb thing, even if I’ve said things to the contrary to convince myself otherwise. There’s a mystique to it. It only appears in the show’s ending and if pressed, I suppose I’d have to say it’s my favorite ED. Though, the movie version of Kizuna! and Aozora ni Naru give it a run for its money. I have no idea why these are going for utterly insane prices on Amazon and ebay, if they’re boxed. I paid a pittance for this one.

This is going to run excessively long as I’ve never come across an English review of it, outside of CS Toys' demo (Mr. S <3). I’ll see you downstairs if you’re morbidly curious, but the short of it is simply that if Goseiger makes you feel ridiculously happy when you think about it, calms you, and gives you euphoric, transcendent feelings, then sure, you could grab one from Mandarake and be satisfied. Otherwise, no, of course not. Avoid it like the plague as most of the world already does.

3 Entirely Logical Alternate Pose Orders out of 5

Monday, July 18, 2016

G1 Hot Spot (1986)

Torso mode can be seen here.

Hot Spot was a gift from my paternal grandmother and it’s the only one I can vividly recall receiving from that side of my family. I didn’t see them super often, given where they lived, and it consequently felt very significant. My intense love of combining robos finds its origins in Transformers and Voltron, predictably enough. It grew when rudimentary character and story significance were added to the mix by the first two seasons of Power Rangers. You already know what made it explode. The Protectobots were a team that I was only ever half sold on, as a child. I toted First Aid around constantly. But, Blades, Groove, and Streetwise never impressed me. Hot Spot is pretty great on his own, thankfully. He’s got giant clobbering hands cobbled out of the front halves of his alt-mode, sure, but he’s a G1 brick of bot that stands mightily. He can’t do much else… The most unique thing about him (outside of his beautiful coloring) is the fact that Defensor’s head is permanently attached to base of his (incredibly long) ladder. I'll detail the rest of the combiner parts and accessories below the cut.

I didn’t appreciate it back then, but now I’m completely enamored with their in-show ability to generate a protective forcefield. It's because I love YokoSnow, and Rocky :)

3 ATB Charges Dedicated to Casting Steelguard out of 5

Transformers Animated Jazz (2008)

Animated Jazz is the most posable Transformer I’ve ever owned. He’s virtually unhindered. Outside of his doors being affixed to his forearms, instead of existing as wings, he’s the classic Autobot car-former and all but a classic Jazz. Hood and animal head chests are an institution. Shit, his doors being on his arms only helps him be sleeker, which compliments this one’s status as a practitioner of Metallikato. His exhaust pipes can be removed and separated into a pair of nunchaku, which is a gloriously individualized touch. The ONLY problem is that getting the heel-spikes of his legs back under the roof of his car mode is an exercise in repetition EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It requires exacting precision but the toy is handily made to stand up to it, so it’s easily overlooked.

Best figure in the entire Animated line, imho. Even when I factor out my bias.

4½ Characters With Enough Sense to Tell Sentinel Prime to Bugger Off out of 5

Transformers Animated Rodimus Minor (2010)

Season 3 of the original cartoon and the 1986 animated movie paint Roddy as being incredibly human, and consequently, a fascinating, flawed leader. In terms of consistency and overall enjoyment via characters per capita, however, Transformers Animated wins my heart. Unfortunately, he's only in it momentarily. Still, my favorite TF character in the toyline of my favorite TF series, this is going to be awesome, right? Not really. The arms pop off pretty easily when transforming him, even though they feel delightfully tight when they are attached. The problems with them don't stop there. The shoulder chunks and the competing curves of his forearms make posing pretty impossible. I know I'm a vinyl guy, but he wears the big-chest-spindly-legs Animated look badly and his face is atrocious. There's serious or worried expressions and then there's this. Look at this morose motherfucker, right here. You can be static, but I need you to look good doing it. He doesn't. There are a LOT of better Animated figures out there. I'd honestly say pass even if you're a Roddy fan.

1½ Possible Poses, Maybe? out of 5

Sunday, July 17, 2016

G1 Astrotrain (1985)

My Astrotrain is very worn and very loved. He’s a triple-changer, and as Ray/Ilovemess has so accurately said, “we will forgive them almost anything.” Astrotrain doesn’t need a whole lot of absolution, though. His arms are a might stumpy and revolving the fronts of the shuttle out takes some care. But, that’s only if you’re worried about keeping one in tip-top shape, because I was never careful and the worst it has to show for it is a bit of wrenched diecast and a trifle-loose panel. Purple and white shuttles are officially a Neg THING*. It’s a shame that his Titans Return mold homages Build Dai-Oh. Oh well.

I’d have to say he’s probably the genesis of my love of (almost >:-O ) all things train.

4 Cargo Holds Big Enough to Accommodate Devastator out of 5 

*I know full-well that's Plezuon's Zyudenryu mode =P