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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ultra Pro One-Touch Magnetic Card Protector ()

The biggest rub with this is that it's less """air-tight""" than screw-down frames. This is a natural consequence of its defining feature: a magnetic closure. If this were a display case for anything else, I'd rage. It's a card holder, though, and intensely easy to crack open every once in a while to clean away the minuscule amount of detritus that'll get in, or simply switch the contents out. The card I put in it was about 20¢. I wanted it to feel special much moreso than to be completely impervious to dust. If you want to put in two cards back to back, you can, but it'll only increase the seam between the halves.

It supposedly helps with UV damage, if you're the kind of person to have windows that aren't completely covered in light-blocking curtains. And, to put your things next to them.


3 Good Enough Solutions out of 5

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Doctor Ulshade / Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Original (Male) Purple Ranger Figure (2016)

If you're not interested in listening to me wax fanboy-sophical, know that this is the same quality as the other standard male figures in the line, with the same limitations in articulation. Don't expect him to be able to hold his back while in his signature pose, if you're getting him to be everyone's favorite spastic announcer/Spirit Voice sound-alike/grandpa senshi.

DO, however, expect him to be one of those super-rare justifiably 'roided-out Power Rangers figures, because he absolutely is. As with Magi Green and Blue Buster, it actually works that he's notably muscular.

They didn't NEED to have Albert in Dino Charge, but there was nothing wrong with doing so, or how it was done. It was kind of cute. If you like him or you're all about the entirety of Team Violet, like me, then definitely grab this if you see it at Walgreens or Walmart. I was surprised to find it at the latter.

3½ MORE Excuses to Use Your Teammate as a Weapon out of 5

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tomy Articulated Hawlucha Figure ()

I wanted a completely solid representation, but this one was in front of me on the peg and I bit. I wouldn't recommend putting it in the hands of a child as the arms could be wrenched off pretty easily. If you're an adult, though, it's perfectly nice and there's no real reason not to get it, otherwise.

Let's take a moment to appreciate how awesome a name Brutalibré is. Why wasn't that used for NA?!?! Oh right, so I could always name mine Hollylucha~

3 Birbs Capable of Laying the Smackdown on a T-Rex out of 5

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pokémon X & Y Fairy Types Full Collection:
Mawile (2014)

Sylveon is from the same collection, yet is absolutely perfect.

I knew going in that Mawile's design does not lend itself well to solid physical representations. Still, I was hoping this one would be a lot better than it is. And, the paint is very good, admittedly. It looks significantly better than all of the other options I've seen. That's where the positives end. Without taking a blowdryer to it, the peg used to connect her hair sat such that it rested straight down. The peg is very thick, but it does respond to the usual heat treatment just fine. It LOOKS right, now, but getting her to stand up is still close to an impossibility. I also tried my luck with the jaws and felt them give way from one another. There didn't appear to be any glue residue, but once I had dislodged them, they wouldn't hold together AT ALL when reassembled. I was excited to be able to disconnect them as I had worried about being able to clean inside, but I had to glue them properly to make it displayable.

Aspects of this can be fixed easily enough, but even so it still doesn't want to stay upright. I'd avoid it unless you're okay with leaning things up against one another and  Mawile is one of your absolute favorites.

1 Crucial Exclusion from Sun and Moon out of 5

Saturday, November 26, 2016

MonCollé SP-40: Zygarde 10% Forme (2015)

Imagine if he were actually that scale in comparison to Goodra. That'd be one big dog...

Competitive Pokémon players can complain about Zygarde all they want. He's currently got me on a classic collection quest to find all 100 of his cells and cores, making me appreciate Alola all the more as I scour it systematically. If you want to understand the allusions to Norse mythology at play, you can go check out Lockstin's seminal videos on macro Pokémon theory. For me, Zygarde goes beyond that, with all of his forms screaming at me to follow that path even further to another possible homage at play...

...the predominant black and green coloration...
...the binary flashing scales...
...Jörmungandr having to release himself to begin the end of the world...
...his poisoning (blackening) of the sky...
...Thor's near-immediate death upon defeating him...
...the red and blue patches on opposites sides of Zygarde's complete forme...
...his trainer sensing "the presence of [the] many" when all of his cells converge upon him...

Why wasn't his 10% forme a cat, as Norse mythology would seem to call for?

Well, what's the name of Keanu's band...

The paint on figures in this line isn't the best, but for their size it's perfectly passable. Neo here predictably has soft plastic composing his scarf of sorts, ears, and tail-like protrusions. He also cheekily has one of his iridescent scales standing in for his anus. Oh Game Freak~ 😆 

3 Legendaries Worthy of the Title out of 5

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dino Super Drive Purple Ranger Figure (2016)

In my critique of the Dino Charge toylines, I implied that releasing the incomplete version of the American Exclusive cockpit power-up (i.e., the regular Dino Drive figures) was a waste of resources. Producing these alone would have been ideal. Regardless, I'm very grateful that they made the complete team* at both of those levels. That's why I have this. I'm reinforcing them for actually making powered-up versions of the ladies. That's a rarity. Aesthetically, I feel having bracers on all four limbs is over the top, but it doesn't hinder the female mold's leg articulation any further than it already was. The shoulders, however, do take a hit. It's the nature of the design. The paint is crisp and clean and the sigil tampo is exquisite for its size.

These figures each come with the Dino Super Drive Saber cast in their respective colors and while that's not screen-accurate, it can be interpreted as an attention to individual detail that happens to overlap with a cost-saving measure. Would it have been cheaper to cast them all in red? I can't say for sure. I would have preferred that, however, and I realize full well this is one of the very few instances where that's actually the case, for me 😅

3½ Gokaiger References Lost in Translation out of 5

*I'm fairly certain there's not a regular Dino Drive figure for Xenowing, but that's perfectly fine and logical given how late in the show he was introduced.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Planet of the Apes Collection

Using metaphors to highlight human folly is a reliable and standard practice in sci-fi, but for some reason using apes helped the message hit closer to home. Perhaps because we know how similar to us they are genetically, and if evolution had taken a slight detour a few millennia ago...?
If ever you get the opportunity, stare into an ape's eyes and note what you find. There's a level of intelligence that you don't often see in 'lesser' animals.
With regards the films, parallels in how societies develop over time is an obvious thing for me to call attention to, but I know firsthand that something being obvious doesn't mean it's never overlooked, so I'm mentioning it.

Note: Links will take you to the relevant posts on the other Nut blogs (opens in new tab each time).

The Novel:
01. Planet of the Apes (1963) (aka Monkey Planet)

Original Films:
01. Planet of the Apes (1968)
02. Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
03. Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)
04. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)
05. Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)

Television Series:
01. Planet of the Apes (1974)
02. Return to the Planet of the Apes (1975)

Remake Film:
01. Planet of the Apes (2001)

Reboot Films:
01. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
02. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)
03. War for the Planet of the Apes (20??)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kyoryu Violet / Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Purple Ranger 12'' (30cm) Figure (2016)

Look, we all know I'm going to give this, "5 Hot Toys Yayois out of 5. " No regrets. No fucks given. Therefore, let's take this time to talk about the entirety of the Dino Charge toyline, instead. Here, I'm going to gush. I'll be pontificating about the shortcomings over here.

The good that was done is astounding, in terms of my personal biases. BoA gave us retail representations of the Spirit Trio and Silver! Also, a 5'' Plezu-Oh! They sold figure-scale iterations of the Kentrospiker, Yayoi’s personal configuration of the Gaburicannon, and Mini-tyra’s combination with the Gaburevolver. They packaged the role-play versions of the Gaburevolver and Gaburicalibur together as the Gaburicannon w/Bayonet!! They released this figure individually, unlike Amy’s!!! Across the board, in terms of the TOYS, they treated Yayoi like the queen she is. How Kendall was utilized in the show is a whole different story for someplace other than this blog.

I'll also say that for those who need an actual figure of Candelira, I'm super pleased that BoA is coming through for you! I'd admittedly be more impressed with the Curio figure if they hadn't needlessly gender-swapped Luckyuro. They just sprung another figure pack on us that includes Kyoryu Black Deinosgrander!!! Sweet, sweet, justice ^_____^ I'll end by mentioning that they've made complete teams in both levels of the American exclusive cock-pit power-up. Actually, I don't think there's a regular Dino Drive Silver, but that makes sense given how late he's coming in. Which, is another show problem, given the narrative and associated mecha significance of both (present era) Kyoryu Silvers.

Returning to the toyline, while there were plenty of things that were handled poorly, wrongly, or outright not done at all, I cannot emphasize enough that what was done right was trans-fucking-cendent. I'll always have to praise Bandai of America for it.

You gave me a Spirit Trio display, and you made it endless fun to visit toy aisles. Yes, even on the many occasions I didn't find anything I was looking for. I'm going to miss that dreadfully when Ninja Steel stuff has taken over. Thank you, BoA. Sincerely.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kyoryu Silver / Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Silver Ranger 12'' (30cm) Figure (2016)

If you dig vinyl figures, listen up. Going in, know that a complete set does not exist. I'll list who's available below the cut, but I'll discuss the articulation differences between the shared male and female molds, right now:

The heads function as if they're on balljoints; they can slightly tilt. There are swivels at the top of the gloves and the arms can rotate. The males' legs can be moved forward roughly 90 degrees. However, there's no knee joints and no outward movement at the hips to make this worthwhile. The ladies' skirts and legs are fixed, but they do get a waist joint.

Their Mobuckles are solid colors and I DO. NOT. penalize for that. The eyes on their helmets are unpainted, yet they're small enough to let it slide. If you want to use the weapons, you'd better be SURE about it, as their hands are quite unyielding. While some of these look godawful, this one and Yayoi are as good as the sub-line and price point will allow.

It's 3 AM and He's Still Up Watching Amy's DVDs out of 5

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bloody Axe w/Holster ()

As usual, not perfect, but damn good enough. Once Henry has the Rusty Axe, you don't need anything else. Hyperbole, yes, but not by much. This is sold with a shitty vinyl holster that went straight into the donation pile. Don't get me wrong, it's serviceable enough to survive a Halloween or three if you're careful, but I wasn't dressed as a woodsman that year. Yes, I did attempt Henry, wig and all. Of all of the Spirit Halloween accessories I've covered, this is the one that's safest to purchase online, as it has the most consistent paint detailing, across individual pieces. That said, the head is a fair bit squishy compared to those others.

Because of the spoiler-y nature of James', and the vagueness consequently required, I'll be linking it in here, to help direct traffic over there.

2½ Super Weapons Casually Left Amidst the Bar Peanuts out of 5

What I Have For James In My Silent Hill Collection

This is going to be conducted entirely downstairs, as it constitutes a catastrophic spoiler of the highest order for Silent Hill 2. As weird as it may be, I'm intensely grateful that I was exposed to the company that allowed it to be birthed. I cannot imagine a more fitting weapon for James, even if it didn't come from a seasonal Halloween franchise.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Silent Hill Homecoming Playing Cards ()

This set is a goddamn mess. A picture of the cards can be found below the cut, as they contain spoilers for the game. If you've played it, go down there and have a look before reading on. "Neg, you're only showing half of the cards!" Yeah, because the red suits are both the same, and so are the black suits. Lazy. Would anyone care to explain to me why only three of the bosses are present, and they aren't all on the aces? Why are two of the parents missing? Why is there a hammer? Why is that not Alex's combat knife or the Ceremonial Dagger? Where's my boy, Curtis? You think his circular saw is enough? You're wrong.

This is an insanely sloppy offering and the only reason I own it is because I like cards and I'm a fanboy. Also, because Silent Hill merch usually amounts to $300 (before shipping) statues with shitty face sculpts. Thanks Konami.

The 1 Boss You Left Out is My Favorite. GJGJ. out of 5